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A collection of trucks we've refurbished and refinished

Stainless Steel


For over 33 years Brent McGrath has worked in the body and paint industry. He has worked in both automotive and truck shops. At one time his focus was hot rods and muscle cars. The love of trucks eventually won and for the last 28 years he has only worked on trucks.


Pictures don't always show the details but if you have seen his work in person, you know the attention to detail is over the top. Brent has assembled a team of talented and like-minded people to help him create hot rod trucks.


USA – Ultimate Semi Accessories is an extension of Brent’s Custom Trucks.


Our builds are all unique and lead us to build custom accessories specific to each build. When we find a part that can easily be manufactured we spend time to make the design a piece that can be manufactured. The part must durable, easy to install and functional. A lot of times a custom part only becomes a USA manufactured piece from the demand of our customers.


We continue to develop new parts with each build and always consider if it is a piece we feel will be worth running. All of our parts our built in house on our Haas VF3 mill.

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Due to our work load we are not taking on new restoration or custom truck jobs.


If you have a question or need to contact us about custom parts please email us or fill out a contact form.

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