Fabrication Body and Paint




We are often asked who does our painting. It is common in the hot rod industry for the fabricator to send the vehicle out for paint. After hours of meticoulous work, they hand the project off to someone else.


Brent started in the industry as a painter. His obsession with perfection led him to begin fabricating. His imagination took over and the skills followed. 


Our trucks win awards for their paint but even better our paint last for years going down the road. We are committed to using the very best products.



Deck plates, Cab and Sleeper Panels, Hidden Tool Boxes, Battery Box Lids, Custom Latch and Opening Systems.


Our customers tell us their needs for their trucks and we find solutions that are innovative and functional. Our designs are always evolving as we look for new, better, more functional ways to build and design our products.


Inspiration comes from everywhere. We are always looking at ways someone has approached a project and their execution of it. As craftsmen we should all inspire each other and strive to build better products.


Fabrication and mock-up of a project is the hardest and best part of each project.









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