Rebuilding Sleeper and New Deck Plates - Tyler Picknell


This sleeper had cancerous areas. Weighing the costs of a new sleeper or finding a take off that would require body work. We decided to re-skin the original. There was not a tremendous saving but it is nearly perfect and will require minimal prep before paint.


The back end of this truck was due to be re-worked as well. Al new deck plates are being fabricated, An automatic hydraulic lift install and boxes. The frame will be sandblasted and painted.



Model A Rebuild - Tyler Picknell


Can you say frame-off rebuild? This is one of those projects we love, we don't have to decide how far to take the truck down. So the cab was striped of all paint. We are currently working on fit of all panels. All hucks are being removed as we sand and replaced with new. The roof cap was completely re-worked along with the hood. The cab and hood will now be mocked up on the frame before paint begins.



Doug Johns 2015 Peterbilt





Curt's 2 Axle